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Sunday, July 19, 2009

BROADVIEW HEIGHTS – Smiles and hugs helped warm up a rather cool mid-summer afternoon at the Bee Hive’s Pavilion as the 8th Annual Sara Glosik Alumni Softball Game took place. Or rather, because of wet field conditions this year, did not take place.

“That’s okay. A lot of these girl’s are in their late 20′s now and I think they just as soon have our traditional cookout and socialize.” Said freshmen girl’s basketball coach Pete Geiser.

Glosik, a 1999 graduate of Brecksville-Broadview Heights High School, was a three-sport standout for the Lady Bees. Her prowess was on the softball team, as a hard-hitting first baseman who helped lead Brecksville to the 1999 Pioneer Conference softball championship. She was beloved by her teammates.

Glosik’s bright smile, engaging personality and relentless effort on the field of play to get all she could out of her athletic ability were just a few of the positive trademarks that naturally drew people to her.

In a tragic twist of fate Sara, who was home on spring break from college at Miami University (Oxford, OH), lost her life in an automobile accident which happened less than a half mile from her Brecksville home.

When word of the March 31, 2002 accident made it through town it hit hard. The stunning news created shockwaves throughout the Brecksville-Broadview Heights athletic community.

So moved was then Lady Bees head softball coach Kevin Good, that with the approval of the Glosik family, an annual softball game and picnic were to be scheduled in Sara’s honor.

The outgoing Glosik, a ringleader among her friends, wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

So yesterday, as tradition goes, the eighth tee-shirt commemorating as many events was hung from the rafters of the pavilion. Hands were shaken, backs were slapped and Sara’s presence was once again felt, making an impact on the 20 former Bee softball players that showed up to remember a true winner.

“I’m disappointed that we couldn’t play today because of the rain this morning.” Good said to the assemblage. “But thank you for coming and thanks for caring. This is the best turnout that we have had since the first year when 27 players showed up.”

“Lightning” Lyndsey Maurer (2000) probably journeyed the farthest as she boarded an airplane in Providence, Rhode Island on Thursday morning where she works at Brown University in the Sports Information Department.

Maurer and Glosik were exceptionally close, both having played for the Bees and on a summer travel league softball team together.

Young ladies from as recent as the class of 2006 all the way back to the class of 1995 returned to solidify the family environment that Coach Good fostered when he was the head coach.

“I’m grateful to Sara’s parents, Betsy and George Glosik and to her brother Bryan, for letting me do this each year. It means a lot to me for selfish reasons because I get to see all you guys again.” Good said while choking-up. “It’s the highlight of my summer.”

For as talented as Glosik was on the softball field she excelled in the classroom and on the volleyball and basketball courts as well.

She played big in big games. As a solid outside hitter in volleyball I can still see her jumping as high as she could to block repeated shots against the behemoths from Strongsville.

In basketball, the bigger the game the more Glosik shined. There must have been something about the color green that made her see red. On a cold Saturday night clash for the Pioneer Conference basketball championship at Strongsville, Glosik was a beast on the boards as her and Maurer led the Bees to the league’s crown.

Because of her effort Glosik was tagged with the nickname “Thunder”. That is the impact that she brought with her when things were the toughest on the court.

In the Division I tournament at Solon following that championship season Glosik was at her all-time best in sectional wins over host Solon and Garfield Heights before the Bees succumbed to old tourney nemesis, East Tech.

Following the Garfield Heights game I interviewed Glosik afterwords for The Sun Courier. She was saturated with perspiration because of her 12-point, 16 rebound performance against one of the top post players in the area at the time, Karyn Woloszynek, who later played at Cleveland State University.

“Do you really think I played good?” Glosik asked me. “I don’t feel like I played that good. Karyn played better.” That was vintage Glosik, humble through and through even after the biggest win of her basketball career at BBHHS.

Classmate Megan “Stu” Stewart (1999), who during that run at the end of the 1998-’99 campaign died her hair Egyptian Plum (for what are still unknown reasons) humorously remembered Glosik’s talents as well as her liabilities on the hardwood.

“Even though Sara got every rebound in sight she wasn’t very good with her hands. I was a guard and when I threw her a pass in the low post she would always drop it and turn it over.” Stewart said. “She was athletic, but she didn’t always catch the ball, you know what I mean. So we’d always make jokes about how we didn’t want to pass her the ball because she would never hold onto it.”

“Coach (Karen) Horvath used to always tell us to watch our man and not the ball, because if you were watching the ball your man would go back door.” Added Stewart. “It seemed like it was Sara who got yelled at the most by Horvath because she was watching the ball. So, after the season, Coach Horvath got us all tee-shirts that said “What are you looking at?” (front). And, on the back, “The ball.”

That was the kind of day it turned into. Funny stories and memories of competing at the inter-scholastic level. And even a sidebar note from Betsy Glosik who shared Sara’s blond hair was “slightly chemically enhanced too.”

“It was really good to come out here and get together with everyone from school. It’s good to see everybody.” Said Jen Kramer on behalf of the class of 2006, who is now at Tiffin University. “Mr. Good is really touched that we all come out here every year. And it is for a good cause.”

Joining the group was Kevin Virkler. Virkler had grown to be a part of the Lady Bee softball community by osmosis. Because he had umpired so many Brecksville games he and Good had become friends. Ironically Virkler and the Glosik family have grown tight over the years on account of this annual event.

“Thanks to everyone for coming out and to Coach Good for organizing everything. You guys are amazing.” Said Betsy Glosik to the former Bee players and Sara’s teammates and friends. “It means so much to us. God bless you all.”


Megan Stewart – 1999.

Melissa Stewart Bollin – 1996*

Carrie Neville – 1995

Kristen “Juice” Reimer Dimitris -2000

Barbara “Bubs” Reimer – 2002

Larissa “Sunny” Sonich – 2003

Amy Geiser Bican – 1996

Katie Salay – 2006

“Lightning” Lyndsey Maurer – 2000

Laurel Maurer – 1997#

Carrie Kishmarton – 2000

Becky Vano – 2006

Jessica Barisono – 2006

Jen Kramer – 2006

Andrea Ellis Colella – 1998

Nicol “Ice” Ellis – 2001

Marisa Graor Ports – 2001

Chelsae Poelking – 2006

Melissa Terry – 2006

Liz Fiktus – 2002

* Melissa Stewart is married to former Berea girl’s basketball coach and current Independence boy’s head basketball coach, Johnny Bollin.

# Laurel Maurer will always be remembered as the first Lady Bee that yours truly had ever interviewed for print. “Just make something up. I’m sure it will be fine.” Maurer said. Thanks Laurel.

ICE CREAM SOCIAL - Just a reminder that tomorrow (Monday, July 20) night at 8:00PM at The Honey Hut Ice Cream Store in Brecksville that members of the 2009 summer league team and varsity team players are invited to join teammates and coaches for a cool treat.

See you at The Bee Hive!

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